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Bakhtar Bank and Zeer Group Cooperation Contract

د باختر بانک او د ځېر ګروپ په نامه د یوې شخصې کمپنۍ تر منځ په کابل کې د ټول افغانستان په کچه د بېلا بېلو کمپنیو د اجرایه رییسانو د جوړیدونکي ستر کنفرانس په اړه د ګډې همکارۍ هوکړه لیک د نوامبر په 29مه لاسلیک شو . هوکړه لیک د باختر بانک اجرایي مرستیال ډاکتر مومن ځدران او د ځيرګروپ رییس ښاغلي مطیع الله ځلاند لاسلیک کړ.

Bakhtar Safe Cash

Banking cash is a time consuming and resource intensive activity that has to be managed by companies and HNI on a day to day basis. Bakhtar Safe cash has been designed to match the business requirements of corporate customers and allows them to entrust this key need to a bank managed service. Companies can select from a range of value added features offered by the service. All cash collected is credited to the company's concentration account for easy utilization of funds.

Bakhtar Bank successfully implemented its FIS project all over the branches.

This Finger Prints Identification System (FIS) module is for various miscellaneous options for control and audit trail purpose which is either accessible by system administrator (in this case IT HO) or by Authorizer/Manager to perform the following task.