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Supervisory Board

Dr. Tahir Mansoory

Member, Board of Directors/Board of Supervisors
Dr. Muhammad Tahir Mansoori is ResidentShariah BoardMember of Askari Bank Pakistan. Dr. Muhammad Tahir Mansoori is an eminent scholar and recipient of the President of Pakistan’s Medal for Pride of Performance. Dr. Mansoori holds degrees of Moulvi , Moulvi Aalim and Moulvi Fazil from Dar ul-uloom’Mansoorah, LLM Shariah from International Islamic University, Islamabad and PhDin Islamic Studiesfrom Punjab University, Lahore.Dr. Mansoorihas taught and written on Fiqh and Usool-e- Fiqh for over two decades. His field of specialisation is Fiqh Al Muamlat(Islamic Commercial Law) Heistheauthor of numerous publications including, Al-Madkhal-Al-Masrafi (Introduction to Islamic Banking)inArabic, Islamic Law of Contracts and BusinessTransactions, and Shari’ah Maxims on Financial Matters.Dr. Mansoori is also serving as member Shariah Advisory Board of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.